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Administrative Law
Admiralty (Maritime) Law
Bankruptcy Law
Civil Litigations and Disputes
Commercial Law
Computer and Cyber Law
Consumer Law
Criminal Defense Law
Estate, Wills and Trusts
Immigration Law
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Juvenile Law
Labor / Employment Law
Malpractice Law
Matrimonial / Divorce Law
Personal Injury
Real Estate Law
Criminal Defense
Social Security/Disability Law
Tax Law
Trademark Law
Traffic Violation Law
Workmen's Compensation


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Remember: The greatest cost of having professional legal help results from not having it when you really should.

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Administrative Law
Administrative law is a law that manages the activities of administrative
agencies of the government. Government agency actions include judicators, enforcement rulemaking of a specific area. Free initial consultation in Spanish or English if you prefer.

Admiralty (Maritime) Law
Admiralty law is a distinct form of law which manages maritime matters. It is a form of both domestic law managing maritime activities, and
international law that governs ships and all shipping related issues. Free
initial consultation. Bilingual services available.

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that deals with the liabilities of an insolvent debtor (individual or business). Its purpose is to distribute the bankrupt's assets equitably among the creditors. In most cases it frees the bankrupt from further liability.

Civil Litigations and Disputes
Civil disputes (claims between people) can be resolved by settlements or by the judicial process (litigation). We can help you find a nearby litigation attorney or law firm. Free initial consultation? Communicate in Spanish OR English? Of course!

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is America's dominant source of commercial law. All 50 States have enacted all or most of the UCC. The UCC covers such matters as contracts for sale of goods, warranty law, funds transfers, security interests in goods, ect ...

Computer and Cyber Law
Computer and cyber law is a law that protects an intellectual property in
general, including copyright, rules on fair use, internet transaction, and
special rules on copy protection for computer, internet and other digital
media. Our member attorneys provide potential new clients with a free
initial consultation in Spanish or in English if you prefer.

Consumer Law
Consumer laws is a federal and state regulations governing sales
transactions and credit practices involving consumer goods. The laws are created to prevent businesses from fraud, unfair practices or taking an advantage over competitors or consumers. Free initial consultation.
Bilingual services available.

Criminal Defense
A criminal lawyer should be highly experienced in successfully defending clients charged with crimes and legal charges such as sex, drug, violence, and/or white collar crimes and offenses. Free initial consultation and communication in Spanish.

Custom and International
Customs and international trade law, rules and customs for governing trade
between countries or between private businesses across borders. Free
initial consultation. Bilingual services available.

Estate, Wills and Trusts
Estates (property, possessions) can be simple or complex. Likewise wills and trusts. Be sure that you have the protection of a licensed, skilled, experienced and estate attorney in your home area. We'll refer you to one that will give you a free initial consutlation.

Immigration is not a dirty word. A licensed, skilled and experienced Spanish speaking immigration lawyer can help you to live and work in USA, register for a Green Card and more. Our member attorneys provide potential new clients with a free initial consultations.

Insurance Law
Types of insurance vary widely and their primary goal is to allocate the
risks of a loss from the individual to a number of people. Each individual
pays a "premium" into an insurance company, from which losses are paid out. When a building burns down, the loss is spread to the people
contributing to the insurance company. Because of the importance in
economic stability, the government uses a heavy hand in ensuring these
companies are regulated and fair to consumers. Our members meet those needs and provide a free initial consultation in Spanish or English if you prefer.

Intellectual Property Law
This law protects certain exclusive rights of property created by
musicians, authors, artists and inventors. Common types of intellectual
property include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights
and trade secrets. Get a free initial consultation in Spanish or in
English if you prefer.

International Law
This is the law that governs the legal relations between or among
sovereign states or nations. Resources of international law are the
materials out of which the rules and principles regulating the
international community developed. Find your local attorney and find out
more about this law practice.

Juvenile Law
Juvenile law is the area of law that deals with criminal law involving
persons who is under age in which one assumes adulthood and to be legally held responsible for criminal acts. The age for criminal culpability is usually set at 18 years. Just contact us and you can receive a free
initial consultation.

Labor / Employment Law
Employment Law is a broad area including all areas of the employer /
employee relationship. Many employment laws (e.g., minimum wage
regulations, employment discrimination) were enacted as protective labor legislation. Our member attorneys provide potential new clients with a free initial consultation. Bilingual services available.

Malpractice Law
Were you the victim of medical malpractice? Thousands of people each year suffer due to mistakes made by doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medical centers. You have valuable legal rights and are urged to contact a good Spanish speaking attorney today for a free initial consultation in Spanish or in English if you prefer.

Matrimonial (Divorce)
Finding a good divorce lawyer can be very difficult; a mistake can be very costly. Issues such as child custody, alimony, and division of marital property should receive the professional skills of an experienced and caring Spanish speaking attorney.

Personal Injury
Your personal injury lawyer should be experienced in handling complex or simple cases resulting from serious personal accidents, injuries or wrongful death. Examples: Medical malpractice, injuries caused by defective products, property neglect, automobile.

Real Estate
Real estate is land and all the natural resources and permanent buildings on it. Buying or selling residential or commercial property requires the protection and guidance of a licensed real estate attorney or firm in your area. Spanish speaking? Free in

Social Security / Disability Law
Social Security / Disability law is largely regulated by the Americans
with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. This Act prohibits discrimination
against individuals with disabilities in employment, housing, education,
and access to public services. We can help you get a nearby attorney or
law firm and a free initial consultation. Bilingual services available.

Tax Law
Tax law is the codified system of laws that describes government
regulations on tax transactions. All tax member attorneys provide our
referrals with a free consultation. You can comfortably communicate in
either Spanish or English if you prefer.

Trademark Law

Trademark is a design, emblem, logo or combination of words that is set up to goods for sale to identify the original manufacturer as the source of
the goods. The trademark law governs disputes between business owners over the names, logos, and other meanings they use in order to identify their products and services in the market.

Traffic Violation
Getting a traffic violation ticket is never fun, but fighting it does not
have to be complicated. Reduce the stress associated with fighting a
traffic ticket by calling traffic violation attorney in your home area.
We'll refer you to one that will give you a free initial consultation.
Communicate in Spanish or in English? Of course!

Workmen's Compensation Law
Workmen's compensation law governs a regulations that establish liability of an employer for injuries that arise out of and in the course of
employment. Benefits generally include hospital and other medical payments and compensation for loss of income. You can easily find a local attorney and get a free initial consultation in Spanish or in English if you prefer.

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